Have it in mina that a security system is expensive and you need to install one but it will be more expensive if you don't install one. Here are some advantages of a security system.

A security system will protect your family and home and from Burglars.  You need to know that your house will be broken into if you have not installed a home security system.Thieves will be kept at bay as soon as they spot the system thus making your home a haven of peace. Read more about ADT Authorized Dealer

In some cases, robbers could force their way into a house being fully aware that the occupants of the house are present or maybe they are not. Be advised that a thief can change into a violent person if he finds people in a house that he thought would be without people. Note that the security system will give out warning signs that there are intruders and you need to hide in a safe place. The security system has the capability of calling the police to action. Note that the security system will protect the members of your household and residence from fires . Be advised that the unit will alert you when a fire breaks out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_control 

Note that the system will warn you if there is smoke in the house and it also alerts the security. Be advised that the detectors will only serve in detecting smoke but it won't be able to alert the security forces.Note that the U.S. fire administration found out that a small fire can turn into a huge one in only thirty seconds.

Note that when a fire starts burning inside a house, a dense black smoke appears and the inhabitants will not be able to breath properly.These two truths are sufficient to strengthen the significance of installing a security system that will warn the authorities to reply to a house fire. A few minutes of a fire can mean imminent death if there are any delays.

A home security system offers numerous families with a peace of mind when they know that their house is safe from an assortment of overwhelming situations.  The unit will warn you if the elderly person left in the house happens to fall down. Note that the system will alert the proper authorities if there is a decapitated person who is trapped in the house.Note that there are some security units that allow the elderly person to wear a pendant and they are active in case of a medical urgency. More info at https://www.zionssecurity.com/blog/   

The system is highly advantageous because you can keep an eye on your residence even when you are far away on vacation.
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